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OR/2018 Perfume

OR/2018 Perfume

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A dreamy blend of the exotic and the familiar. This exceptional perfume with a driftwood base uses little tones of sweetness – a bit of vanilla, whisky for warmth, and a rare cannabis accord to accentuate mystical incense notes. Sweet citrus, coffee aromas and edible notes of chocolate and bakery come alive on the skin as the perfume dries.

OR/2018 50ml

Perfumer: David Apel

Hypnotic combination of exotic and intimate notes.

Blood Orange / Star Anise / Lemon Sugar

Cannabis Accord / Myrrh / Night Blooming Jasmine

Vanilla Crème / Tonka / Driftwood

Gender Neutral

100% Vegan and Cruelty free.

“This fragrance was an opportunity to really have fun and make something with the things I dream of using.”

David Apel, Symrise


Brands spend a disproportionate amount of money on marketing and gimmicks, leaving only a small budget for the product itself.

A. N. OTHER is different. We have a crystal-clear focus on what's inside the bottle. Everything else is stripped back to the barest essentials.

The confidence to spend less on nonsense lets us invest more in exceptional craftsmanship and extraordinary ingredients.

Ariella Appelbaum, Founder

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