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Eucalyptus & Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

Eucalyptus & Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

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By Matter All Purpose Cleaner delivers a microscopic deep clean to surfaces.   The smartest clean you'll ever experience. 


Benefits: Works for up to 3 days (compared to disinfectants which last between 4-20 mins.  No harsh chemicals (perfect for special surface materials such as marble/quartz/copper) Protects home from harmful bacteria (including certain superbugs)

How it works: Active probiotics penetrate deep into surfaces, even in places disinfectants would not be able to reach. by fostering competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria, this formula is more effective in tackling and controlling harmful bacteria (including certain superbugs) on surfaces for longer periods of time.

Use it on:

Stone: marble, quartz, granite, slate

Wood: solid, coated, uncoated, oiled, lacquered wood

Metal: copper, aluminium, brass, chrome, stainless steel

Glass: mirrors, windows, screens

Safe to use around little ones.

Active ingredients: <5% plant-based non-ionic surfactants*.  also contains: water, sequestrants*, olus oil*, glycerol*, stabilisers*, emollients*, acidity regulator*, active probiotics blend* and fragrance* (contains limonene and linalool). *denotes plant, mineral or natural origin.

How to Use:

STEP 1: spray directly over target areas 

STEP 2: allow 5 seconds for formula to penetrate surface and for probiotics to activate to tackle harmful bacteria and dirt

STEP 3: wipe over solution with a damp plastic-free cloth

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