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Camellia and Grapefruit Room Spray

Camellia and Grapefruit Room Spray

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Camellia & Grapefruit Room Spray 

The sweet encounter between the delicate Camellia and the strong personality of Grapefruit blossoms amongst the irises on a full musky base.

Top notes: Orange and Grapefruit

Middle notes: Camellia and Iris

Base notes: Tree Musk

With immediate action and strong intensity, Cinque Sensi room sprays offer moments of well-being and olfactory pleasure. The alcohol used in the formulation is of vegetable origin, derived from sugar cane and is characterised by a pharmaceutical grade purity. All fragrances are IFRA certified and produced in Italy.


Vaporize the perfume in the air, keeping it away from fabrics and heat sources.

Comes in a gift box.


Made in Italy

Cinque Sensi brand embodies high quality through its meticulous production process and exquisite ingredients sourced from trusted local suppliers. The combination of Italian craftsmanship and premium ingredients ensures an exceptional product that elevates your sensory experience.

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