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Exquisite Sparkle Car Diffuser

Exquisite Sparkle Car Diffuser

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The promise of a journey into the heart of a poetic world, where butterflies dance in harmony with a zesty and floral fragrance.

This Exquisite Sparkle car diffuser, designed by Rozenn Mainguené, combines beauty and functionality. Its silver design, adorned with feminine motifs, brings a touch of delicacy and style to the interior of your vehicle.

Enhanced by the Exquisite Sparkle fragrance, this car diffuser awakens your space with playful scents of grapefruit and green notes, followed by a bouquet of patchouli, rose, and lily of the valley. Finally, discover the vibrant combination of violet and musk, leaving a sparkling and festive impression.

This diffuser is an accessory of choice for those who wish to add a zest of refinement to their travels, while enjoying a modifiable scented ambiance according to their desires!

How to use: Must be clipped to your vehicle's air vent. For a more intense fragrance; turn the air conditioning on.

Diffusion time: (+/-) 4-6 weeks

Dimension: H2.5 x W2.5 x L4.5cm

Material: Metal

Colour: Silver finish

Regulatory Information: Contains linalyl acetate ; benzyl salicylate ; 3.7-dimethyl-1.6-nonadien-3-ol ; coumarin ; methyl cedryl ether ; cyclamen aldehyde ; geranyl acetate ; 6.7-dihydro- ; isoeugenol. May produce an allergic reaction.

Made in France 

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