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Nude Lilly Lamp Berger Gift Pack

Nude Lilly Lamp Berger Gift Pack

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The Nude Lilly Lamp Berger Gift Pack, designed by Sylvie de France, is a subtly fragrant and soothing decorative object. Its nude shade, soft and delicate, echoes the tranquility and warmth of a welcoming interior, naturally blending into a clean and modern aesthetic.

The accompanying Orange Blossom fragrance is a true olfactory embrace, an ode to the incomparable white flower that awakens the senses. Light and airy, this fragrance begins with green notes and the freshness of orange blossom, then blossoms into a heart of neroli before grounding in a floral base of jasmine, revealing the sophistication and complexity of this timeless scent.

With its gentle curves and unique mount design, it embodies an invitation to poetry, transforming each space into a little cocoon of well-being and softness.

  • Head note Green notes, Orange Blossom
  • Heart note Neroli, Orange Blossom
  • Base note Jasmine, Orange Blossom

Dimensions: H13.8cm x W8cm x L8cm

Contents: Nude Lilly Lamp Berger, Orange Blossom Fragrance Refill 250ml, Silver Lilly mounting, Air Pur 3P Burner, Shiny Silver Stopper and Transparent Funnel

Material: Glass

Colour: Nude

Regulatory Information: Isopropanol. Highly flammable liquid and vapour. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Made in France

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