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Soft Spot Pebble LED Lamp

Soft Spot Pebble LED Lamp

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Lamps that are in a category of their own. This is due to their soft, organic shapes that mimic pebbles found on the beach. The ones that have been sanded smooth from the water and time. Those you want to touch when you see them. However, it is not only the shape of the design that is soft and organic, but also the light itself.

The lamp can burn continuously for 15–18 hours. You can also adjust the brightness depending on the mood you're after.

Specifications - Different light intensities - Automatic timer that turns off the light after 6 hours - Illuminates for 15-18 hours at max. intensity on one charge - Charges with USB - Charging time 1 hour

Material: Hand pressed painted glass, Plastic
Size: Height 6 cm Diameter 9 cm

Designer: Maria Berntsen
Care: Wipe clean only with a soft cloth.
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