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Plastic Free All Purpose Cloth

Plastic Free All Purpose Cloth

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Contains 2 plastic-free and 100% compostable all-purpose cloths

Engineered for extraordinary absorption and made from natural wood-based cellulose and cotton. 

Plastic-based cleaning materials are a major source of microplastic waste in our oceans and homes. Cloths that are optimum concentration of natural wood-based cellulose and cotton. engineered for extraordinary absorption and 100% compostable.

Colours: light grey and black

How to: 

STEP 1: wet cloth with luke-warm water

STEP 2: spray directly over surface with the byMATTER all-purpose cleaner

STEP 3: allow 3-5 seconds for formula to penetrate surface

STEP 4: wipe over solution with damp cloth

Once well used (2-3 months), simply throw them away in your garden and the fabric will naturally biodegrade.

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