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REGN Scented Candle

REGN Scented Candle

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Soak yourself in the fresh scent of a Scandinavian rain shower with REGN

Scent notes: wet grass and misted peony, damp earth and slippery cobblestones

200g Swedish rapeseed wax candle.

50 hours burn time

Ingredients: Sustainably farmed and non-GMO Swedish rapeseed wax blended with essential oils, safe synthetic fragrances and a pure cotton wick. Vegan and cruelty free blend.

How to use:

Place candle on lid when lit to help protect from sensitive surfaces, and use the lid as a snuffer to extinguish the flame.

Let the candle burn long enough to allow the wax melt pool to reach the edges of the glass (2-3 hours). Trim the wick to 0,5 after each burn to allow an equal burn of the wax. Leave 0,5 cm of unmolten wax at the bottom of the glass.

Reuse with tealights or for storage.

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