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Skandinavisk Nordlys and Takka Giftset

Skandinavisk Nordlys and Takka Giftset

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Giftset of 2 Scented Candles

2 x 90g

Experience the celestial majesty of the Northern Lights and the cosy warmth of a Scandinavian fireplace with this giftset celebrating the spectacle of moving natural colour and containing new fragrances NORDLYS and TAKKA. We’ve introduced a new design, new glass, new hard-box packaging, and poured our Swedish rapeseed wax in Sweden. A colourful Skandinavisk gifting experience for all seasons.

TAKKA [ˈt̪ɑkːɑ] Finnish for ‘fireplace’. The magnetic pull of the hearth, the crackle of kindling as the fire takes hold, the smoky notes of burning logs and the glow of faces mesmerised by the flames.
Scent notes: Hacked pine and haysmoke, raw wool and rolling tobacco.

NORDLYS [ˈnuːr][ˈlyˀs] Scandinavian for ‘Northern Lights’. One of nature’s seven wonders, a symphony of colour, movement and light that ripples across the Nordic night sky, leaving myths and legends in its wake.
Scent notes: Arctic intensity and celestial colour, a fragrance accord as unfamiliar as it is otherworldly.


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