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Skandinavisk Land Hand Care Trilogy

Skandinavisk Land Hand Care Trilogy

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3 Mini Hand Creams

Hydrate and protect your exposed skin on the go, whatever the weather. Our popular Scandinavian-scented mini hand cream trilogy on the theme of land celebrates the delights of Scandinavia’s landscapes, from the mountains to the forests. The thick and richly moisturising hand creams have a vegan, natural and organic formula blended with Danish spring water and a touch of fragrance. Designed to absorb quickly without feeling greasy, and protected inside post-consumer recycled aluminium tubes.

A responsible Scandinavian gift to share.

Our LAND Giftset contains one 30ml tube of each of our 3 mini hand cream fragrances: SKOG, FJÄLL and RO.

Organic ingredient benefits (based on dosage): Skin protectant, Caring, Moisturising, Hydrating, Reduction of TEWL.

Made in Denmark

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