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Skog Scented Candle 90g

Skog Scented Candle 90g

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A true Skandinavisk gifting experience this winter.

[’skuːg] Swedish/Norwegian for ‘forest’. Boreal forests cover over half the Scandinavian lands, stretching from the southernmost county of Sweden to the Arctic Circle.
A perfume and Swedish rapeseed wax blend in painted glass with a pure cotton wick and engraved FSC-certified oak lid.
Scent notes: Pine needles and fir cones, birch sap and woodland lily of the valley.
Burn time up to 20 hrs

Made in Sweden
Weight: 419 g
Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.9 x 9.3 cm
Packing cared from managed Swedish forests with natural colour dyes.


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