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The Sea Bougie Parfumée Refill

The Sea Bougie Parfumée Refill

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Breathe the sea air delivered by this scented candle in La Mer vegetable wax. Fall for its delicately spicy, fresh and elegant notes.

Scent Notes

Head: Orange - Rosemary - Cardamom

Heart: Armoise - Ozone notes - Marine notes

Bottom: Patchouli - Musk - Seaweed

Made with the utmost respect for the environment, the La Mer scented candle is made of 100% vegetable rapeseed wax.

Elegant in its sobriety, this natural candle delivers a fresh and attractive fragrance.

Lift its wooden lid and fall under the spell of its perfume that is emerging between balance and harmony. This vegetable candle represents the sea air of nature. Dressed in marine notes, the delicate cardamom whose harvest preserves biodiversity, exudes spicy, fresh and elegant fragrances. An olfactory writing between land and sea where earthy patchouli gives sensuality to seaweed.

Olfactory family: Pure
Diameter: 8.5cm
Height: 10,2cm
Weight: 200g
Colour: white
Hours of burn: 40h
Regulatory notices
Contains: ETHYL LINALOOL, METHYL DIHYDROXY-DIMETHYLBENZOATE. May produce an allergic reaction.

Made in France
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